The SAP for digital transformation: The Company implemented

The company’s legacy technology platform and business software were unable to support the company’s growth and presented significant large data processing challenges that made it impossible for the business to go global. After engagement with SAP for digital transformation: The Company implemented SAP ERP as the new digital core and used the model company approach. The new core was live in two years.

The business is now able to close the books monthly in five days, down from the previous 20 days. The cost of goods sold has also improved substantially with 4% improvement in fixed asset service and maintenance cost and an additional 4.7% improvement in transportation spend.SAP ERP Platform in Syngene emerged as a new digital core for better research and development, Analytical testing, inventory control etc.

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The company’s business was hindered by lack of business information transparency, which made it difficult for top management to make informed decisions. Because supply chain planning processes were manual, the company could not optimize forecasting, balance supply and inventories, or gain profitability visibility at the brand level.