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The developing use of written language produced the need necessity materials that presented the necessity for materials that described the aspect of the language, in a way that could be looked up by all the individuals that desired information about the language. This was initially meant for non-native speakers, however, later on the English native speakers that wanted to know about the new and developed part of the language also looked for such materials. The initial dictionaries were mostly a list of difficult words. This mostly included, the list of new “loan” words that were form the classical language and the new British colonies overseas. By the time of the 18th century, dictionary writing was mainly a recognized activity and learned men and scholars were being commissioned by various publishers to write such materials. Different places in Europe, language academies were being founded so as to codify and also normalized all the aspects of the language. Nevertheless, this trend was adopted the English-speaking domains and there was never a recognized academy standardization in either United States or Britain.

The publishing of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary which was of the English language was an important landmark in the development of a dictionary and other materials. The dictionary adopted more or less an illustrative attitude that is very modern and was at odds with the previous prescriptive opinion of the earlier dictionary producers. Johnson recognized changes as a normal process and rejected to see change as retrogression. By the time the Johnson dictionary was advanced, the spelling system was formerly in place and recognizably the same as that of modern English with comparatively slight orthographic. On the other hand, political independence in the United States led to push for distinctive civilization factors. As outcome Noah Webster, came up with a dictionary that included territorial, American established definitions so as distinguish it from British English. Noah Webster went to extent of creating his own dictionary which included some American dialect definitions.

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This provides the wanted orthographic uniqueness without changing important mutual intelligibility. He mainly combines the use of “ize” instead of “ise” for the verbs and removal of suffix “u” in the suffix “-our”.