The front of the store or performing

The employees felt that the outcomes they received which was the commission, was unfair. Their pay cheques were suffering due to poor floor placement and by them being forced to stock inventory and re-order stock.Equity theory states that people compare their outcome/input with a comparison other. Employees of the store compared their pay cheques (consisting of 30% commission) with similar employees who received better floor area placement or were not assigned inventory duty and were disgruntled.Measure performance accurately, explain how rewards are based on past performancerelevant outcome: higher pay, conflict with other staff, feeling of fair pay.the performance variable would be grabbing customers at the front of the store or performing the allotted share of inventory work and remaining in the assigned location.A calculation of this factor, including the valence of each outcome will reveal that grabbing customers at the front of store easily has the highest perceived payoff