The pornography are mentally damaged in some way

The feminist movement is thought to be the drive to end women’s oppression, be it a biological woman or an individual who identifies as a woman. However, many feminists have varying ideas when it comes to women in the sex industry. In today’s society we are taught to look down on sex and women are expected to be sexually reserved and not show any interest in sex. When a woman does show interest in sex, or the sex industry, she is looked down on and judged by those around her. Anti-porn feminists believe that pornography degrades women, can lead to violence against women, and that the women involved in pornography are mentally damaged in some way that they can not give actual consent to take part.

Anti-porn feminists believe that by taking part in pornography, women are seen as nothing but objects which can lead to escalated violence between men who watch pornography and women. Liberal feminists look for equality to men and feel that while pornography is an act of free speech, they are still opposed believing that it could misrepresent women. Pro-sex feminists believe that it is a woman’s choice whether she wants to consume and participate in pornography. Also, they believe that it is empowering for women to embrace their sexuality by embracing the benefits of pornography. Wendy McElroy, author of XXX: A Woman’s Right to Pornography, writes, “Pornography benefits women, both personally and politically.” I am a pro-sex feminist and I believe that a woman should have the right to do with her body as she pleases, whether that be to cover it up completely, or to bare it all for the world to see.

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I strongly feel that a person’s body is their own and that they have the choice to choose how they use it. As women, we are sometimes made to feel that we are not sexual individuals and that having sexual thoughts is a terrible thing. This way of thinking leads to anti-porn feminists believing that the women working in the sex industry are only being seen as objects instead of a person. If a woman chooses to work in that industry she should never be made to feel as any less of a person and should be respected regardless of what line of work she chooses to be a part of. Pornography can be used as an outlet for many women to explore sexual fantasies that they would not be able to participate in in real life and it shows women that they are allowed to explore their sexual cravings without shame from the outside world.

Sex is an act that can be pleasurable as long as it takes place between two consenting adults. Pornography is a visual act that helps to arouse and trigger the mind, possibly providing an outlet for a woman that does not have a sexual partner. I see nothing wrong with women participating in or watching pornography as long as they consent.

Viewing pornography is a perfectly healthy way to explore sexuality while in the safety of your own home.