The points out how technology has become

The Han’s view of technology was predominantly based on its functionality. The Han’s seemed to feel that technology was about helping the people. As demonstrated in the letter in Document 1, the first goal of technology is to prepare for disaster, in this case a flood. This demonstrates a concern for the people or at least the property giving the impression that technology is there to aid the communities. This impression is increased by the obvious concern shown by Huan Guan in the second Document, where he writes about the problems the lack of technology has on the people. Guan points out how technology has become useless as the tools are poor quality and in turn ineffective all around, so the main concern with the Hans about technology is its usefulness ad practicality. By doing so, Guan also exhibits the care for quality of their products.

Not only do the Han want the product to benefit their people but they want them to be made with thought to its durability and how long it would be able to assist its users. Huan Tan focuses on the efficiency of technology statements such as “the benefit was increased a hundred-fold” (Doc 3). Tan depicts how the Han were always looking for a way to improve their creations so that they could become more useful with each version that was created, all with the goal of bettering their equipment so that citizens could have a better quality of life, even lower-class laborers. Each of these documents were written by high ranking government officials or are government sponsored themselves. This begs the question: how much here do we know is true? Could the authors just be letting the world see what they want us to see? Similar to the Romans, it cannot be completely confirmed that life was exactly like what is told, as the voice of the common citizen is missing.

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