The The boys must then help each other

The lord of the flies is about a group of schoolboys who’s plane crashes on an island.The boys must then help each other to survive and be rescued, but the two mainprotagonists, Ralph and Jack have different goals for the group. They soon start fightingabout what to prioritise, Jack says that they should focus on hunting to feed the groupand Ralph together with Piggy say that the group should focus on making a fire to signalpassersby, and they should build shelters to be able to survive. The boys start tobecome more savage as time passes by beginning not to wear clothes and chantingwhen they kill a pig on the hunt. The boys then start seeing “the beast” a creature theythink is on the island to kill them but what they saw was a dead aircraft pilot that wasshot down, that was hanging in a tree.

The idea of the beast becomes worse later in thestory as the boys start making offers to the beast when they kill a pig by putting theboars head on a stick. After one of the boys realises that the beast does not exist but isthe beast within each boy he goes to tell the others the fear-driven boys see himapproaching but think he is the beast and kills him. The tension between Jack and Ralphand Piggy keeps escalating during the entire story and reaches a climax when Jack andhis group of boys capture Ralph and his group and kills Piggy. Jacks boys start to huntRalph after the death of Piggy.

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When they do not find him, they decide to smoke him outby burning the forest this smoke attracts a nearby passing ship which then rescuesthem.