The sexual desire etc. · Freud

The main disagreement between Freud and Jung was in the nature of libido the psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives, sexual desire, manifestation of the sexual desire etc.

· Freud thought that the nature of libido was sexual,· Jung believed that it was more than sexual.Jung and Collective Unconscious. this is his main contribution to psychologyJung proposed the existence of a ‘collective unconscious’ he term “Canadian Literature in English” refers to that which is written in what is now territorially Canada or written by Canadians abroad (see also Literature in French).Writers have described Canada in many ways;for example, as a French or English colony, a “fifty-first state,” a Pacific Rim country, an Arctic giant, a friendly territory or an uninhabitable wilderness. Canadian literature has often had to deal with such differences in attitude, not just because many Canadian authors were born elsewhere and brought outsiders’ expectations with them, but also because popular attitudes often perpetuated stereotypes of Canada. Three pervasive stereotypes portray Canada as (1) a physical desert, (2) a cultural wasteland and (3) a raw land of investment opportunity and resource extraction. These distortions have created an audience for stereotypes, which Canadian writers sometimes reinforced by writing romantic adventures of the frozen North, in which everything local was savage or hostile and “civilization” was imported.

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But over time, they sought to record local experience and to use literature to shape their own culture rather than to imitate or defer to the presumptions of another society.Insofar as Canadian culture continue