The nucleic acids, which are always

The main evidence of the evolution of living nature is the following. 1. Evidence of the unity of origin of the organic world:all organisms, be it viruses, bacteria, plants, animals or fungi, have a surprisingly close elementary chemical composition;they all have a particularly important role in life phenomena are proteins and nucleic acids, which are always built on a single principle and from similar components. A high degree of similarity is found not only in the structure of biological molecules, but also in the way they function. Principles of genetic coding, biosynthesis of proteins and nucleic acids are unified for all living things;the overwhelming majority of organisms use ATP as energy storage molecules, the mechanisms of splitting of the sugars and the main energy cycle of the cell are the same;most organisms have a cellular structure.2.

Embryological Evidence of Evolution. Domestic and foreign scientists have discovered and deeply studied the similarities of the initial stages of embryonic development of animals. All multicellular animals pass during the individual development of the stage of blastula and gastrula. The similarity of embryonic stages within individual types or classes is particularly distinct.

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For example, all terrestrial vertebrates, as well as fish, show a bookmark of gill arches, although these formations do not have functional significance in adult organisms. Similar similarity of embryonic stages is explained by the unity of the origin of all living organisms.