The of availability. The plant availability factor and

The PA is a percentage that represent the time that the power plant is available to provide energy to the grid. It can be understood as the up-time of the plant. Little downtime often occur because solar PV plants has high percentage of availability.

The plant availability factor and the capacity factor are not the same. MTTR – Mean time to repairThe mean of time it takes for maintenance. It is calculated by dividing the total time the equipment is not working for maintenance (preventive and corrective) over the number of failure or breakdown event of plant. MTBF – Mean time between failuresMTBF is the mean of operating time that is the sum of the productive time and productions delays over the number of failure or breakdown event of plant. MTBF represents the risk of failure of the plant. DCC – DC Capacity – Direct CurrentThe capacity is commonly describe the maximum energy that can be produced in direct current and the unit used for the calculation is the watts. ACC – AC Capacity- Alternating CurrentCompared to DC, the AC capacity is smaller because of the energy loss during the conversion from DC to AC.

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If we take in consideration both measurements together, an operator can observe an energy loss due to conversion of current through the inverter.TT – Ticket Types %Tickets are generated from a variety of issues from different sources. Tickets vary greatly, but not limited to, inverters overheating to vegetation abatement to compliance checks. Tracking the Ticket Types as a percentage assists with identifying and maintaining control over issues by comparison from each period. V – Variance between expected kWh and actual kWhForecasting energy generation as accurately as possible is essential for plant operations. Although there will always be variances between the expected kWh vs the actual kWh, monitoring the variance over a period of time could shine light on incorrect data or lead to other problems such as weather or hardware.

9.3. PI – Peak IrradianceThe peak irradiance represent the maximum calculated solar irradiance. Solar irradiance is the energy of the sunlight and can be measured by calculating the solar energy in watt per unit area, commonly a square meter (W/m2).