The floods that are commonly prone to

The Philippines is a well know archipelago country in the world. It consists of seven thousand six hundred and forty-one (7,641) islands according to CNN Philippines and There again, it is located near the equator making it a tropical country and located near the Pacific Ocean meaning that the country is prone or highly exposed to natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruption, approximately making fifteen to twenty typhoon hits each year, floods that are commonly prone to Manila the capital of the Philippines caused by blocked drainages, water systems and blocked by huge amount of trash and wastes causing schools to suspend their classes, landslides, storm surges and many more.

Human activities make such things to get worse such as deforestation of forests and illegal mining. These disasters cause widespread property, environmental and human losses. Other than that, these survivors of the disaster left them physical, social, mental, emotional, environmental and economic catastrophe.

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That’s why our government passed and approved the law of Republic Act 10121 saying that