The uses alliteration to help emphasis the characteristics

The poet is writing about how Australia is not just a chunk of land, but a land filled with beautiful surroundings and creatures. The poet uses poetic devices such as personification to personifies Australia’s natural beauty. She uses lines like “her pit less blue sky” and “I love her jewel-sea”. Dorothy also gives Australia more meaning by using the line “her beauty and her terror”.

Using this language it helps the reader understand all Australia has to offer and just how unique the country’s land is. The whole poems intention is to show her love and appreciation of Australia and all it has to offer. The poet writes about all the characteristics of Australian rural life and the spectacular environment of Australia. Mackellar expresses about how boring she finds other countries and much prefers coming to Australia and enjoying all that’s to offer. she uses alliteration to help emphasis the characteristics of Australian rural life. Lines such as “food, fire and famine”, “lithe lianas” to describe the ups and downs of life in rural Australia. She has chosen these words to help the reader have a better perspective on Australia.

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There is a consistent theme of praising the country she calls home.The poet expresses all her feelings towards Australia. These are feelings of happiness, gratitude and praise. Dorothy writes about how she loves her sunburnt country and is thankful for all Australia is.

To help convey her emotions to the reader, metaphors are used. Line such as “sunburnt county”and “running in your veins” to help show a sense of her emotions. “running in your veins” talks about how she has Australian heritage. This is showing how she is a proud Australian. The line “core of my heart” in the poem shows how she shows gratitude to her country. She uses these line to help people understand her feelings towards Australia.

The author uses many poetic devices to make the reader interpret the poem and understand the authors feelings of the subject. The author uses many devices such as onomatopoeia, imagery, metaphor, imagery, alliteration, personification, rhyme and rhythm. These poetic devices bring out a new aspect to the poem. Line such as “drumming of an army” creates a feel that soldiers are marching to the beat of nature.

This adds a whole more meaning to the poem. Instead of lines on the page you can imagine an army marching to the beat of rural Australians nature. These poetic devices add meaning to the poem and helps the reader feel Dorothy’s emotions.