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The project milestone and Gantt chart are very important in any project development as based on the milestone and Gantt chart, the developers will know what they need to achieve at one time. For this project, the Gantt chart is used in order to complete the project and also the documentation too. Gantt chart is an easy way to construct and schedule activities. The complete activities were created to keep the project developer on track, providing a visual timeline for starting and finishing specific tasks. This Gantt chart helping decision-makers look beyond ahead to ensure each given project is working toward the achievement the organization’s long-term strategic objectives. 3.

7 Summary As for the conclusion, Chapter III had mentioned on the project methodology or approach that is used in this project. The methodology is very important as it will show what is this project is based on. The project methodology is one of few elements that need to be considered in a project as it conveys the objectives of a project.

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This chapter also had discussed the phases that are involved in the Methodology Model approach. The approach is used because all the detailed data that is related to the input and output requirements are currently known. The approach can allow the user to observe how the project operate. This methodology approach is iterative where the try-and-error process been done between the developers and the users. The process will be continuous until the final decision been made by the user. Users will critic the improvement that should be made based on the project and the developers will alter the project until it is success. The six phases that involve in this methodology approach are previous research, information gathering, define scope, design and implementation, testing and evaluation prototype, and the last phase is documentation. The repeated steps will be on the evaluation phase until the last phase that proceeds the prototype which all requirements have been fulfilled completely and all of the information regarding the project will be documented.