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The Second World War is the biggest military warfare that the world has ever experienced.

The military involved the armies of various nations around the world and brought everything to a standstill for six years. The magnitude and proportion of losses in terms of loss of human life, property, and livelihoods was enormous, to say the least. An estimated eight five million people lost their lives according to the documented statistics. A lot of army personnel and civilians lost their lives. The then Soviet Union and China were the nations that had the greatest number of casualties in the military warfare that characterized the Second World War. The adverse effects of this military warfare was experienced in every part of the world and took place between 1939 and 1945 when a ceasefire was agreed by all the parties involved. The war involved two parties which were a group of nations against the other group of nations.

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The belligerents nations were Italy, Japan, and Germany fighting as a unit against the Soviet Union, the United States, France, China and Great Britain. The military formations and prowess of the above nations was the key determinant to the course that the war would take. Military and political invasions to the territorial borders of sovereign nations, fascism and aggressive foreign policies were the major causes that are attributed to the commencement of the Second World War. The territorial expansionist motives of nations that had stronger military artillery led to brutal counter- attacks that catalyzed the war further with more nations joining as the war proceeded. Adolf Hitler, the German leader during the Second World War was among the strongest proponents that dedicated and engaged all their military personnel to influence their success rate in the war.

The economic loss that was occasioned by the Second World War almost led to the collapse of the nations that were previously thriving economic havens and offered a good environment for investments. The Second World War revolutionized the way the military affairs of many nations in the world would operate going forward. Military intelligence and technological development of the warfare artillery was given a major wakeup call by the Second World War and nations strived to make more powerful tools of war. Military technology since the end of the Second World War has allowed nations to develop more sophisticated weaponry that is precise and accurate in their attack execution thus reducing the death of innocent civilians and destruction of property. Budgetary allocation to equip the department of defense and in the larger the picture the military has been the biggest expenditure of the super powers such as the United States as they attach a lot of importance to defending the territorial borders. The strengthening of infrastructural and human personnel in the armies of various nations has been a global trend that has been replicated in various jurisdictions.

The military departments have continued to admit more people with different skills to boost the efforts and capacity of the firepower in case there is an external or internal threat to the country. The degree of importance that nations attach to their military varies as in some nations have a mandatory rule that each citizen has to serve a minimum of two years in their military. This is one of the efforts that have been used to bolster military prowess of nations in the world.

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