“The it is hard to decide which

“The weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice” (Dillard 1). Which life style do you think is better? I asked this question to many people, and most of them thought that living in necessity is better. “Choice” can refer to many things, such as a career, studies, a house, a lover …etc. Too many choices make it easier for people to lose themselves, because it is hard to decide which choice is the best. Living in necessity is different from choice, when you’re living in necessity you’re just following the demands of life and do not need to think too much, just like the weasel.

However, is living in necessity really better than living in choice? I think humans are strange animals, in the respect that when we have one thing we will want another one. We are already living in choice, but we want to live in necessity when we face some problems and we want to escape to another type of lifestyle. So choosing what kind of life style we desire is not the problem, the problem is how to face the problems in our life and how to solve them. The question which I stated in the first paragraph, it was just a part of a sentence and the whole sentence is: “The weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice, hating necessity and dying at the last ignobly in its talons.”(Dillard 1). So the whole sentence means that no matter what kind life we live, in the end we still need to follow nature. Everyone is born by two parents and dies one day, no one can run away from these two things. It does not matter if you are rich man, a poor person, or an animal we are all equal in the fact that we are all born and we all die.

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That is the most interesting point of the whole article. If we all follow nature’s laws, then why do we still care what kind of life we are living? It should not matter how many choices we have in the end, we all still share the same end. People always have many choices because they want to have a wonderful life. “Choice” makes us have many different experiences, and these experiences allow us to feel we have had a valuable life. When we are old and think back upon our life we will think about the experiences that made life worth it.

Maybe that is the answer to the question about where desire comes from.