There (CIPD 2017) Ready and Conger (2007)

There are many interpretations and definitions of what Talent means. People are rarelyprecise about what they mean by the term “talent” in organisations and the implications ofdefining talent for talent management practice (Tansley et al.

2007). Talent consists of those individuals who can make a difference to organisational performance either through their immediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating the highest levels of potential. (CIPD 2017) Ready and Conger (2007) defined talent as a group of employees who have above average knowledge and skill, and are ready to be promoted to executive positions and thus are the best people in an organization. Talent is “the best and the brightest” (Mckinsey Quarterly 2, 2004). It is clear that certain pitfalls have to be avoided in settling on a definition of talent (Howe et al., 1998, p.

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399). Although the definitions of talent vary there is an underlying theme that runs throughout. The overall view is that talent represents the best people for the job in any organisation that could contribute the most to helping the company achieve its goals.