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There are several proposals from the several related researches which can be conclude on the alteration for each parameter that promote the growth of pure tin whiskers is proven has cause significant influence on the morphology of the pure tin whiskers growth. Thus, listed below are several suggestions.• The reduction of the oxidation rate must take into concern due to high affinity for oxygen by lead-free solder through the enlisting of reducing medium and fluxes procedure to improve oxidation resistance.• The application of the bright electroplated tin as finalize material to promote the higher growth of the whiskers in comparison to the matte tin.• The addition of the Ag2S chalcogenide compound for the inhabitation of the alignment of IMC.• The adjustment of the pure tin microstructures in the form of large grain size with thick film layer and abundant parallel grains edges in a more equiaxed grain arrangements.• The utilization of NiPdAu surface finish for the several parts of the machine at high temperature-vibration environment.