There are various ways to explore education.

There are various ways to explore education.

In today’s society, two main avenues of education are public school and homeschool. Public school takes place in facilities with numerous students from different backgrounds and families. Homeschool occurs at home with a child and a parent, tutor, or some form of online education. The environment of public schools is always being debated as to whether it is conducive, but the effects of homeschooling should be examined also. Every day public school is criticized, the negative effects of homeschooling are greater than those of public schools.

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The effects of homeschooling include the lack of social skills, inefficiency of structure and responsibility, and an insufficient study environment. The lack of social skills is an effect of homeschooling. Homeschooling takes place at home.

Because of this students are unable to manage common social situations. Lack of skills enables the students to struggle to get past social awkwardness. Children are isolated from others in their age range and this results in antisocial behavior when entering the real world. Standoffish behavior can be a hindrance when faced with the challenge of working in groups and participating with others in various activities. The various activities include sports and extracurricular activities. Often times, sports and extracurricular activities help promote unity towards a common goal. This unity inadvertently increases social skills and the ability to work together.

However, with homeschooling, the positive effects of social proficiency are not established.