This of what I taught about Homeopathic

This is a brief of my know-how of what I taught about Homeopathic medicines. According to the beliefs of Homeopathic medicine ,if your vital force is strong, you’ll in no way get ill. When your Vital Force become ill, you become unwell. Therefore first responsibility of practitioner of homeopathic medicine is to maintain vital force of patient. Homeopathic remedy seeks to cure the individual as a whole, no just the disease. A useful analogy among homeopathic medication and allopathic medication is to see a human being as a tree.

Allopathy medication treats the symptoms of a specific ailment, a branch of the tree, while roots and trunk of the tree may persist to have a issues. Homeopathic remedy see the person as whole . They treat the foundation of the tree, the trunk, and the tree as an entire as it related to its surrounding environment, rather than focus on branch or leaf.

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The Oxford dictionary defines Allopathy as a “the treatment of disease with the drug or different agents having opposite effects to signs and symptom.” medicine is used in their pure form, and if a 25mg dose stops action , the dose is accelerated, to perhaps 50mg or even a gram of medication. Often a combination of medicines is used to treat a disease .Possibly one of the drugs is work properly, but the other drugs are inflicting unwanted aspect effects.

These side effects are accentuated because of the big doses of the drugs in their natural form which are used. In curing one disease, other diseases are regularly created. Allopathy has trouble treating chronic illnesses.

The Oxford dictionary defines” Homeopathy” as “the treatment of the disease by using minute doses of medication that in a healthy person might produce signs of the ailment.” the substance that causing the sickness is used to treat the diseases. If the person is having a stomach complaint because of to much sulfur in their food, minute doses would be used to treat their disease. These minute doses are very minute.According to homeopathy ,smaller the dose of a medicinal drug that is used, stronger its results. The brief study by the homeopathic founder Dr.

Samuel Hahnemann” he develop advanced homeopathy’s first law of cure , “similia similibus curenter.” or lets like to be cured by likes. In different words, drug which causes Specific signs and symptoms may be used to treat sicknesses.

which causes the similar symptoms. The geol of the homeopathic medication is to discover the “totality of signs and symptoms” physical , intellectual and spiritual. The concepts of homeopathy run opposite to the modern medicine and feature never been empirically established. Conclusion ‘Gastric ulcer’ refers to an ulcer of the stomach which forms when lining of the digestive system is corroded by acidic digestive juices. Gastric ulcers are produced by an imbalance between the gastro-duodenal mucosal defense mechanisms and damaging forces of gastric acid and pepsin, combined with superimposed injury from an environmental or immunologic agent or caused due to bacterial infection. It is estimated that about 5% to 10% of adults globally are affected by Gastric ulcers at least once in their lifetimes.

A major causative factor (60% of gastric ulcer) is chronic inflammation due to H.pylori that colonizes the antral mucosa. But some ulcers are caused by chronic use of NSAIDs (aspirin) that cause suppression of mucosal prostaglandin and have direct irritative topical effect. Repeated use of corticosteroids in high dose, alcoholic cirrhosis, personality disorder, psychological stress, ischemia and cigarette smoking impair healing of Gastric ulcers and favor their recurrence. Situation becomes worse due to emergence of treatment discontinuation or exiting cause.After statistical evaluation we can predict the future of Gastric ulcer patient will be good by Nux Vomica treatment. Due to statistical evaluation and output we can form a policy for future reference and treatment. All statistical measures shows results are very true on an averageA good research has some characteristics associated with it, without these it is nothing but a bundle of papers on table.

The characteristics of this research help us to learn the simple meaning of various output which remained hidden since inception of science . The purpose of the research got clearly defined & became successful. The process which we are planned to adopt had been detailed. As we have decided upon the area we have worked research protocol has been thoroughly made and planned. To make the protocol scientific and unbiased high ethical standards has been applied. Any limitations to the study has been seen or present they has been clearly defined and accepted.

Once data is collected its proper analysis has been done by an expert, such as bio statistician. Logic has been applied to every possible test to validate the data collected and conclusions reached. The outcomes of has been presented with rationale and truthfulness and justified conclusions is drawn from it and will be published for other’s benefit.The conclusion is that patient compliance, trust economic status is indeed an important strategy in the used of any medicine system benefits with correct dose. Homeopathy and Allopathic medicines continue potentially impacting on the attainment of ‘health’ as a society in its entirety.

No doubt, in cases of short and long time treatments of illness both medicine systems have their own importance and earlier have done more than the miracles and have proven life saving for everybody. ?