this through police interrogations, threats and lifes

this novel, Friendship is a main theme in this novel. The two protagonists in this novel; Raphael and Gardo are very close and have grown up together. Throughout the novel, their bond grows stronger as well as the one they share with a boy with no family called Rat who they learn more about. Rat, Raphael and Gardo stick together through police interrogations, threats and lifes struggles, “Who cares who did what when the whole point was we did it together?”was a statement by Rat.

They would always have each others back, take hits for each other and support each other no matter what problems they faced (many of which were life threatening such as almost being killed for lying) Raphael feels very connected and secure with Gardo, and though they are not blood brothers, they are just as close. Gardo states “He’s not my brother but might as well be, because he always knows what I’m thinking, feeling- even what I’m about to say.” to which Raphael replies “One thing I know is that I’d want him on my side, always. Raphael is my best friend” The two friends are very close which is evident in the novel which ends with them leaving their families for Rat’s home town where they leave their life behind to b

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