This et al., 2010; Nadkarani,

This plant is mainly distributed in tropical Africa, Ceylon, India, Mexico and Pakistan. It is a common herb which grows throughout India but it is found commonly in the western and Corommandal coasts as a weed of waste places.

It also present in Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Deccan peninsula (Sermakkani et al., 2010; Nadkarani, 1982; Sukla & Thakur, 1983). It had been used as an important plant for a long period of time and it is used for a variety of treatments of diseases in traditional method. According to Ayurveda, P. murex is aphrodisiac, cooling tonic, improves appetite, useful in strangury, vesicular calculi, urinary discharges, cough, pain, heart troubles, piles, cures skin diseases, leprosy, purifies blood, diuretic and treatment of kidney stone.

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According to Unani system of medicine, it act as diuretic, cures severe pain at the base of bladder, cures pain in muscles and joints of lower back i.e. lumbago, gonorrhea, tonic, enriches blood, increases menstrual flow, good gargles for mouth troubles and painful gums, stomachic, appetizer, emmenagogue etc (Singh and Panda, 2005; Agharkar, 1991).