This the poets’ content. The speaker

This poem “let not to the marriage of true mind” sonnet 116 is a poem written by William Shakespeare belongs to the poet’s first series of sonnets addressed to certain Mr.

W.H., a young man possessing excellent physical charm. Love, as was customary, is the theme dealt with in the poem. The inaugurating line “Let me not to the marriage of true minds” immediately sets forth what the poem is going to tell us. In certain collections the poem appears under the title “Let me not to the marriage of true minds” The sonnets structure, three quatrains and a couplet echoes the poets’ content.

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The speaker describes love as something that does not is true that the writer of this believed in true love and there is a say that goes, as follows money can’t buy you love this what is simply Shakespeare believes if it has money inside its far to be called true love because true love comes naturally without any gift or money on that case, I agree with perception of the speaker of genuine true love. Life is a journey there are ups and downs but there is love to direct, lead and lastly guide us people, imagine the world if people did not love each other the world could have been a mess. Shakespeare this poem does not state what kind of love is been refer Romantic love most probably, although this sonnet could be applied to Eros or Agape, erotic love, spiritual love or universal love.

no matter what kind of love Shakespeare talks about here he believe that love doesn’t not change even though everything around it change for example focusing on romantic love in reality if you love someone there is no way that love will end somewhere along the journey, its people who change not love that will remain there that’s way they can give each other second chances. The speaker believes that to love someone one has to do it spiritually, by mind and heart not by heart that case then deliberately repeats phrases to express that this kind of love is more than mere reciprocation. Love cannot be simply returning what is given, like an exchange of gifts.

It has to be a simple, disinterested, one-sided offering, unrelated to any possible compensation. Loyalty of people who loves each other never change even if things between them change Love that changes when it finds occasion or opportunity for change is not love in the genuine sense of the term.However If two mind loves each other nothing can come between them for example in most cultures it is offensive to marry a close relative, or someone of the similar sex. Though, speaker refers to this combination of monogamy to ‘the marriage of true minds’ recommending a spiritual union between two souls whose bond forms a joint appreciation and tolerance for one and other. Soul mates whose love exists deeper than the physical union of two bodies and are not affected by the obstacles, which states impose to prevent the union of marriage. Love is love never mind the sex of those two people that’s the love the speaker is refereeing too.True Love will not be shaken by the ‘storms’ which couples, families or friends come across daily.

Financial pressures, work pressures, arguments, fighting that arise through differences in opinions or conflicts of interest, pressures which at times appear so huge that it feels like nothing, will see them through. The speaker believes that love is strong love conquers all for example in reality even if two people fight they always find a way to forgive each other and apologies to each other because the love each other this refers to siblings and couple if they can’t forgive each other that means that was not love from the beginning. Every person has feeling of cause people fight get in an augment that can make one think that this relationship will never last because the fight is ugly but because of love they may end up going back to each other