This parties’ constitutional right to a

This submission is a comparative investigation which focuses on return of funfair ness and procedural legitimacy during a visitation where an adult and a child are co-accused in the same instance. It is submitted that the principles of separation are theoretically grounded in the Outlaw Procedure Deed and their juxtaposition with the Small fry Judge Act, when used simultaneously at run , create a complicated procedural synergism . This submission is explained within the legislative imperative to protect the child’s rights and best interests.

The interrogative sentence that arises from this investigation is whether the Child Justice Act, applied at the articulation test of an adult and child co-accused, is impression ive in protecting both parties’ constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial. We submit that where a joint trial is unavoidable, fabric prescript should be enacted to protect the right of both categories of wrongdoer (i.e. adult and child) to a fair trial on the one hand and to spring effect to the proper performance of the criminal justice operation on the other.

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