To the most challenging part

To be entrepreneur means to start a business and to start a business means to be full of passion & courage.

You always hear about the entrepreneurship world maybe you know some of them personally! But have you ever think to be one of them, rather than watch them? In this post I’m going to encourage you to start your entrepreneur journey so relax and put your seat bill on and enjoy the journey. Firstly, what is Entrepreneur? “Is the art of founding a business. Entrepreneurs make money or wealth by using creativity and innovation.”Robert,1989 How to be a successful entrepreneur?It’s not all about getting in entrepreneur world but the most challenging part is how to be successful? And build a well-known reputation in the huge business world! There is a specific characteristic to be a successful entrepreneur. First, you need to be passion, you may think that it’s easy to feel but the challenging part is to keep your passion and transfer it into actions. Independent and rationally thinking means of that is to think out of the box, be creative, and unique bring brilliant ideas and entrepreneur aren’t swayed by others who might question their ideas. Here’s the Characteristics of the “Successful Entrepreneur: 1) desire for autonomy 2) risking propensity 3) need for achievement 4) over-optimism 5) locus of control.

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” Well! Now we know what’s the entrepreneurship and the character of the successful one.Sara, 2000 The entrepreneurial process:But wait! You need to understand how the entrepreneurial process work. “1) identification and evaluation of the opportunity 2) development of the business plan 3) determination of required resources 4) management of the resulting enterprise”Robert, 1989 Some examples of the entrepreneurship: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma GandhiHere is an amazing, inspiring and full of life short video about the great man Steve JobsAlso, one of the famous examples about the entrepreneurship is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook dropped out of Harvard in 2004 while considering psychiatry. With his two of his residence mates, he made a school arrange site that extended past Harvard and inevitably developed to incorporate different universities in the region. Now that website is Facebook. In Saudi Arabia there are great models of business entrepreneurs.

Mansour Al-Harbi worked for a long time at Saudi Aramco, where he drove a battle to bring the organization into big business registering and versatile application. He cleared out Saudi Aramco in 2002 to begin his own business, called Samama Technologies. His organization advances innovation that permits aircraft clients, for models, to save tickets by utilizing their cell phones. Mansour has won a patent for his inventions.Ahmed, 2011 How to Become an Entrepreneur? The best part that turning into an entrepreneur is a thing that anybody can do it.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg were in school when they began Apple, Microsoft and Facebook individually. The world is full of entrepreneurs you never knew about who had a thought and transformed it into a real action, productive business. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t hard. With a good plan and great ideas, you can do it.Advantages about entrepreneurship:”1)going in entrepreneurial journey is like going on an exciting adventure. 2) you can do away with bureaucratic slowness! 3) originality is not always requirement for an entrepreneurship, but is dose provide an opportunity to be creative.

4) competing with others is a plus for many entrepreneurs. It keeps them going and full of energy. 5) do you want to be your own boss? the enjoyment of independence is major reason for striking out on one’s own. 6) running your own company allows you to pocket the profit. 7) you can work when you want. “Ahmed, 2011 Importance of Entrepreneurship:First, in creating jobs: yes, this is the main thing about an entrepreneurship, creating job chances in creative way that compote the sector you chose. Help the unemployed people by provide the chances of being employed. Also, in creating a change: how could it create change? By starting your business, you make a change not just for your life but in many ways change for the country for the people and customer of course.

What it’s give to society: Entrepreneurs can give many things one of them is provide some helpful products that may change people life! Also, if it’s work you are going to help your country to increase the economy. ConclusionAt the end I want to say it was fun writing this post I like the entrepreneurship world it encourages us to help our society and build our country together also, helping people in many ways. As we know there’re many advantages of the entrepreneurship and to be an entrepreneur isn’t that difficult we all need the courage to start.

Hope you take all the feedback you want about an entrepreneurship, it not easy but you can do it! At least give it shot.