Was out it lacked ecological validity (Zimbardo,

Was it ethical to do the prison study in the way that Zimbardo conducted it? Why or why not? Explain your position substantively.The experiment that was conducted by Zimbardo is termed as being a very unethical research because as it was being conducted it failed to meet the standards that had been established by numerous ethical codes including the ethical code that had been written down by the American Psychological Association.

The experiment on the other hand also lacked generalizability due to a variety of factors that were observed to be lacking. There were unrepresentative sample of participants which made it difficult for them to apply the results that had been gotten from the experiment to a wider population of that time. The study as it was being carried out it lacked ecological validity (Zimbardo, 2016).

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While the researchers really tried to do their best to be able to recreate a prison setting, it was simply not possible for them to perfectly mimic all the situational and environmental variables of the life in prison. Despite the fact that it faced some challenges and shortcomings and even criticism from scholars, it still remains a very important experiment in giving us an understanding of how situation can greatly influence the human behavior.What social psychological constructs did the study reveal? Would the same information have been learned if the study had been conducted differently? If yes, how might you adapt the study to address ethical concerns and still obtain results relevant to our understanding of behavior in social settings? The study was able to reveal the influence of the social environment to the human behavior as observed on the way the prisoners started behaving including them having disabilities. If the study was conducted in a different setting there could not be the same results as the ones that were obtained since the setting was very hostile to the prisoners especially when guards started treating the prisoners in a hostile manner (O’Connor, 2017). This made them to develop anxiety and depression which they did not have before. Despite the experiment being among the best way of showing how the social environment can affect the behavior of the individual, it is important that it is discouraged since it goes against the ethical codes and has greater effect on the individual rather than any good at all.

In the situation that the guards were given more power above the prisoners then they decided that they will use their power to oppress the prisoners by beating them carelessly and even making them to feel that they are not like other normal human beings.How do the social psychology concepts of conformity and the power of the social situation that we are studying this week relate to what happened during the brief period of time that the prison study ran. Where in the description of how the study unfolded did we see evidence of these concepts?The prisoners who were placed in a situation where they had no real control at all made them to become depressed and passive. Since there was nothing that they could do concerning the situation at hand which made them to be stressed leading to depression. The interaction between the guards and the prisoners was very hostile despite them being allowed to interact in any way that they wanted.

Five among the prisoners began to experience severe negative emotions that included crying and acute anxiety that led to the dismissal of the study early. The researchers themselves also lost sight of the reality of the situation at hand. The prison warden himself was not able to really gain an understanding of the situation at hand since it was his student that objected on the experiment and advised for the release of the prisoners. Up to today, the experiment indicates what the change of the social environment can do.