Water efficiency of the crops has to

Water is the vital source for crop production and is the most limiting factor in Indian agricultural scenario. Water is a major input in agriculture. Indian agriculture is mainly dependent on the natural rain water which is received during the monsoon period from June to September. The rainfall is erratic in nature and generally inadequate to meet the water requirements of crops.

Hence it is necessary to supplement water by means of irrigation to increase the production per unit area per unit of water and per unit time.Improper irrigation management practices cause not only wastage of expensive and scarce water resources but also decreases crop yield, quality, water use efficiency and economic return as well as it leads to water logging and salinity which can be partly corrected by expensive drainage system. The water use efficiency of the crops has to be increased in order to reduce the water loss from the fields.

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With drip fertigation, nutrient use efficiency is increased and the loss of nutrients to the ground water is reduced. Soluble chemicals and nutrients move with the wetting front. Hence a precise scheduling of irrigation and fertilizer applications is essential for sustainable crop production.