WhatsApp which were gathered at the

WhatsAppWhatsApp, the most successful social media application ever, is used to interact with other users. The word WhatsApp is derived from the phrase “what’s up”. It was developed in 2009 by two individuals who wanted a messaging application that works across various platforms.

Nowadays, however, WhatsApp is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and co-founder of Facebook. Because of its features, WhatsApp has become the most used social media application to date. For example, users of WhatsApp can interact with others either as individuals or as groups. Moreover, it enables users to share many different types of messages such as texts, audio recordings, and visual media. Based on statistics which were gathered at the beginning of 2018, WhatsApp had over a billion active users, and there were approximately fifty billion text messages sent on a daily basis.

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To sum up, the useful aspects of WhatsApp boosted its popularity among its users, which led to it being the most popular social networking service thus far.