When 2016, p. 782). Therefore managing diversity identifies

When it comes to Crowne Plaza Hotel, Canberra the hotel has created an inclusive environment that accepts each individual’s differences, embraces their strengths and provides equal employment opportunities for all the sub-ordinates so that they can achieve their full potential. Therefore this hotel doesn’t end with just having a pool of employees from different culture or religion but also lays a great significance on how to embrace their talents, their differences of opinion, and their values and culture. Organisations are committing strategic resources to create a productive workforce and are also incorporating diversity management into Human Resource Management policies and practices. (Stones, 2016, p.

782). Therefore managing diversity identifies the differences among people are sources of strength and holds a competitive advantage for organisations in service and product market. (Kramar, R.

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, Bartram, T., De Cieri, H., & Noe, R, 2013, p.

497).From Crowne Plaza’s and also from other organisation’s perspective it is very important to actualise the concept of diversity because of the following reasons:1) Diversity managed well offers a marketing advantage – An example of having a marketing advantage is that many people from culturally diverse groups will prefer to buy products or services from an organisation which has a good reputation for managing diversity. (Dubrin, 2014, p. 451). In other words it can be said that having diversity within a workplace can increase the business development.2) Diversity eventually enhances team performances because people with diverse backgrounds are often affiliated with diverse information, knowledge which can be effectively used to solve problems within an organisation.

3) If organisations strive for diversity in recruiting has a larger talent pool in which to search for candidates and therefore those organisations who don’t support a diverse workforce are more likely to shrink for supply of potential candidates. (Dubrin, 2014, p. 452)4) Having diversity within the workplace increases the morale of the team members, sub-ordinates will perform more efficiently, the organisation’s productivity will also increase and will eventually deliver better results, diversity help organisations in achieving their organisational goals, effective communication.5) Diversity therefore creates a positive reputation for an organisation and consumers feel such organisations are socially responsible.

As a diversified environment encourages personal growth and development. Diversity adds to an organisation’s competitive advantage and therefore its value increases in the market.6) Diversity within a workplace fosters mutual respect between colleagues, creates a positive reputation which has been mentioned above. Diversity is inevitable in any corporate structure these days. Organisations these days with a diverse workforce are considered as socially as well as ethically responsible organisations, as they focus on promoting equal opportunities to all and refrain from having any kind of discrimination.

(Dubrin, 2014, p. 449). Crowne Plaza Hotel believes in diversity and endorses a work environment where everyone within the organisation is treated with respect and dignity. Social media giant Facebook has appointed Kenneth Chenault to its board, making him the first African on board, Oscars 2017 showed great diversity as most of the awards were presented to African American Stars are some of the examples for diversity in different organisations.