William who fought for the freedom of Scotland

William Wallace was a Scot who fought for the freedom of Scotland from England and Edward Longshanks starting in 1297. He was the second of three sons of Sir Malcolm Wallace of Elderslie. His early education came from a uncle who was a priest of Dunipace. In 1298 Edward invaded Scotland with 88,000 men and Wallace fought him at Falkirk on July 22 where his infantry was shot down by the English. Wallace was arrested on August 3, 1305 and taken to London where he was hanged, drawn, beheaded, and quartered. William the Conqueror was born at Falaise and was the bastard son of Robert III, Duke of Normandy.

He became duke when his father died in 1035. In 1064 Harold came to William’s court to promise him the English crown upon the death of Edward. However when Edward died in 1066 Harold, took the crown for himself so William claimed the crown and went to the pope to be approved. The pope approved it and on Oct.

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14, 1066 William defeated Harold at Hastings and William was crowned December 25.